The synergies between SSN and SNPA for primary prevention

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The synergies between SSN and SNPA for primary prevention

On February 20 and 21, two events will be held in the Lombardy Region in Milan as part of the Ccm Rias (Italian Environment and Health Network) project.

On the first day, a discussion will be launched on synergies on health and the environment, the elaboration of prevention plans, the role of environmental and health indicators in the new guarantee system and a general reference framework will be provided. In this context, initiatives at national level will be presented, such as the protocol of understanding between ISS and ISPRA-SNPA, which, together with this national conference RIAS, represent preparatory events for the National Conference on Environment and Health 2020

Speakers include representatives from the health world (including the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control) and the National System for Environmental Protection (Snpa) with the participation of the President of ISPRA-SNPA, Stefano Laporta.

The second day is dedicated to the international workshop "The exposome: between epidemiology, toxicology and biomonitoring. Ongoing initiatives in Europe and Italy and opportunities for disease prevention ", an opportunity to share experiences between foreign experts.



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