WonderFull Project - the seven italian coasts

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WonderFull Project - the seven italian coasts

WonderFull is the scientific expedition by sea and by land told through images that aims to monitor seas and seabed, coasts and the hinterland, to measure and assess the health state of the planet. In addition, also to support the localities along the coasts to increase their notoriety, tourism, highlight the works of intervention for the redevelopment of the landscape and the environment.

Wonderfull is a project that see the cooperation of the Navy collaborates, Carabineers Force and promoted by the CNR (National Research Council), with the contribution of the IRSA for the scientific research and with the interest of the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea andin collaboration with the University of Bari Aldo Moro, ARPA Puglia, Jonian Dolphin Conservation and Fondazione Città della Speranza.

Last 31 May the expedition began and in 49 days of travel 7,000 km will be traveled by sea and by land, with the contribution of researchers of CNR, IRSA,ISPRA ISPRA and University of Bari.

Saturday 22 June, the project carried out a depth study of the activities that ISPRA develops in its Livorno site, in laboratories and in the field with various research projects, on ecological risk assessments for the protection of coastal marine waters, in relation to dredging of ports and the re-use of dredged sediments.

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