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The environmental education in the National System for Environmental Protection

Ispra and environmental agencies have long been involved in the production of knowledge, correct information and in playing a fundamental role in supporting administrations in sustainability actions and also with also an educational role: helping citizens to understand and act in a manner responsible. In this context, on 16 and 17 January 2019 in Rome, SNPA, through the Referents Network and the WG of Environmental Education and Sustainability Strategy, will present its strategy and actions for environmental education in a two-day confrontation and dialogue with other important stakeholders. In particular, a round table will be held on January 16, to be attended by representatives of the main national educational networks.

Presentation of the XIV Report on the Urban Environment Quality Edition 2018 and the innovative SNPA experiences for the quality of the urban environment

Rome, 19 december

The Report on the urban environment quality has reached the XIV edition. Produced by National System for Environmental - SNPA, it has consolidated over the years as a reference for experts and users. The 2018 edition  updates for 120 Italian cities, including the 14 metropolitan cities, a set of key indicators for the analysis of the environmental quality of cities and for the assessment of the life quality of Italian urban areas. Many topics o dealt with the urban and metropolitan contexts: social and economic factors, soil and territory, green infrastructures, water, air pollution and climate change, industrial activities, transport and mobility, exposure to electromagnetic and acoustic pollution, actions and tools for local sustainability.

Towards the circular economy: municipal waste report 2018

Rome, 10 december

ISPRA has presented today  at the Auletta of the Parliamentary Groups, via di Campo Marzio, 78 - Rome, the Municipal Waste Report - Edition 2018. The Conference was introduced by the Undersecretary of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea hon. Salvatore Micillo, the President of the Parliamentary Commission on illegal activities related to the waste cycle, Hon. Stefano Vignaroli and the President of  ISPRA and SNPA, dr. Stefano Laporta. The results of the Report was presented by the Director of the National Center for Waste Cycle of ISPRA, Rosanna Laraia. The conclusions will be entrusted by Alessandro Bratti, ISPRA General Director.

SNPA in Trento to debate water from plant protection productsNov 29, 2018 from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PMTrento,

It's fundamental to have more knowledge of pesticides and an adequate knowledge of the impacts they can cause. It is also necessary to put together all the methodological approaches, which must be shared for a better quality of life for all citizens. These main concepts emerged today during the seminar "Protection of water from plant protection products: actions, experiments and innovation", promoted by APPA Trento, attended by ISPRA President and SNPA Stefano Laporta and ISPRA General Manager Alessandro Bratti.