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Presentation Soil Consumption Report - Edition 2018

Soil consumption, territorial dynamics and ecosystem services - 2018 edition

Rome, 17 july

During the conference the new edition of the Report on Soil Consumption, by ISPRA and the National System for Environmental Protection will be presented, which provides a complete and updated photo of the territory, with an assessment of the change dynamics in the coverage  area and soil and urban growth, also at local level, the impacts on the environment, the landscape, natural resources and the economic system

ISPRA and ISTAT signed today memorandum of understanding
ISTAT and ISPRA together with their statistical data cover about 80% of the official environmental information, contributing, with about 50 statistical projects (surveys, elaborations, design studies) to the National Statistical Program 2017-2019. ISPRA and ISTAT, in fact, with different roles and purposes, both the Institutes carry out an activity of data production, statistical research and study in the environmental field to support decisions for the launch of national and international public policies. The three-year Memorandum of Understanding, which the President of ISTAT, Giorgio Alleva, and the President of ISPRA, Stefano Laporta, signed today further strengthens the collaboration of the two institutions in the SISTAN (National Statistical System) area.