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First National Confernce SNPA. Second preparatory event. The National System meets the Science World

Three important international scientists of the Aurelio Peccei Foundation - Club of Rome, Jorgen Randers, Ernst von Weizsacker and Anders Wijkman, spoke today at the second preparatory event of the SNPA national conference.Three lectures of highest scientific and strategic level, where the vision for the future of our planet goes beyond 2030. Introduced by the general secretary of the Club of Rome, Gianfranco Bologna, followed with interest by  Minister of the Environment, Gen. Sergio Costa, the representatives of the SNPA, president Stefano Laporta and general managers Alessandro Bratti and Giovanni Agnesod.


Press conference ISPRA Report. National greenhouse gas emissions: Indicators of efficiency and decarbonisation in the main European countriesOct 09, 2018 from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM

It will be held next 9 October   at 11.30 am the press conference for the presentation of the ISPRA Report "National Emissions of Greenhouse Gases: Indicators of efficiency and decarbonisation in the main European countries".

Invitation reserved to the Press

Tropical species in the marine environment, an alert for human health
ISPRA re-launches the information campaign. In the summer, with the exponential increase of users of the marine environment, it is very important to know and be able to distinguish the invasive marine species, in particular those that can be dangers for human health. ISPRA, which has been studying the phenomenon for years, therefore re-launches the alert campaign on the spotted puffer fish Lagocephalus sceleratus and on the scorpion fish Pterois mile. Spotted puffer fish, reported for the first time on the Italian coast in September 2013, within the Marine Protected Area of the Pelagie Islands, continues to expand its geographical distribution in the Mediterranean Sea. The scorpion fish is one of the most invasive marine species in the world. Accidentally introduced in Florida in the late 1980s, it invaded the entire Caribbean Sea and much of the western Atlantic coast, with impacts on coastal marine biodiversity, mainly due to its formidable predatory capacity.
Report on the landslides and floods in Italy
Today was presented at the Deputy Chamber the Report on the landslided and floods in Italy - 2018 edition. The Report provides the updated reference framework on the danger concerning landslides and floods throughout the country and the risk indicators related to population, families, buildings , businesses and cultural heritage. The data contained in the Report represent a useful tool to support risk mitigation policies, to identify intervention priorities, allocate funds and plan land protection measures.
ISPRA and ISTAT signed today memorandum of understanding
ISTAT and ISPRA together with their statistical data cover about 80% of the official environmental information, contributing, with about 50 statistical projects (surveys, elaborations, design studies) to the National Statistical Program 2017-2019. ISPRA and ISTAT, in fact, with different roles and purposes, both the Institutes carry out an activity of data production, statistical research and study in the environmental field to support decisions for the launch of national and international public policies. The three-year Memorandum of Understanding, which the President of ISTAT, Giorgio Alleva, and the President of ISPRA, Stefano Laporta, signed today further strengthens the collaboration of the two institutions in the SISTAN (National Statistical System) area.