Inland waters and marine waters

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Change We Care

CHANGE WE CARE (Climate cHallenges on coAstal and traNsitional chanGing arEas: WEaving a Cross-Adriatic Response), a funded by the EU Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme with an overall budget of 2.7 M€, involving 11 scientific and administrative partners from the two countries in the cooperation area for thirty month overall duration.


The Eco-AlpsWater project aims to analyze environmental DNA (Environmental DNA - eDNA) in water bodies, using the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technique.



The LIFE LAGOON REFRESH project foresees the diversion of a freshwater flow from the Sile river into the lagoon, necessary for recreation of the typical salt gradient of buffer areas between lagoon and mainland, for restoration of the reedbed habitat, and for improvement of the Lagoon environment and its biodiversity.






The activities of the project "Marine knowledge sharing platform" funded by the program "Science with and for Society" of the Community Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 began on May 1, 2016 and have a duration of 36 months. The project, of which ISPRA is a partner, is coordinated by the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies (IRPPS) of the National Research Council



    The project aims to verify the ability of nanostructured material to adsorb organic and inorganic contaminants present in marine and river sediments, coupled with dehydration, using geotextile drainage membranes (geotube), in order to reduce the volumes of materials.




    The project PIANO (Policies, Innovation, And Network for enhancing Opportunities for China-Europe watercooperation) is funded by EU Programme Horizon 2020 and supported by the China-Europe Water Platform CEWP. It aims at strengthening the international cooperation in the field of water between Europe and China and promoting the creation of networks of companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers, regulators and funding agencies to create business and social opportunities.


    Water JPI - Water Challenges for a Changing World
    (WaterWorks2014 - WaterWorks2015)

    Europe invests around 500 million euro a year to finance public research and innovation in the water sector, of which 370 million invested by European countries and 130 million invested by the European Commission. The Initiative of Joint Programming of research on water, approved by the Council of the European Union on December 6, 2011, helps to reduce the fragmentation of the efforts carried out by Member States in the protection and management of water resources and actively supports the European Commission to ensure that European citizens fully benefit from the investment in the sector.



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