In the wake of the ferries. Results of the survey on the knowledge and awareness about the marine environment and cetaceans

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During the 2009 - 2010 summers, ISPRA administered to a random sample of passengers of Corsica-Sardinia Ferries, travelling from Civitavecchia to Golfo Aranci and from Savona to Bastia, a questionnaire to survey the level of knowledge and awareness of passengers towards cetacean and sea environment in general. The publication IN THE WAKE OF THE FERRIES - Results of the survey on knowledge and awareness to the sea environment and the cetaceans, summarizes the results of the survey, the initial theoretical assumptions, the preliminary proposed goals, the opportunities and constraints encountered. This is a first step towards further investigation, as well as a proposal for future education and awareness programs on cetaceans, which will take into account both their ecosystemic relevance and their great ability to engage people towards an empathetic feeling for the sea. In this context, in fact, cetacean could be considered respectively umbrella and flag species.

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