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Larval development test in the sediment with the calanoid copepod Acartia tonsa (Dana, 1848)
Booklets on Ecotoxicology
Booklets   13 / 2019
Fertilization and larval development bioassays with the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck) (Echinodermata : echinoidea)
Booklets on ecotoxicology.
Booklets   11 / 2017
Mean sea level rise in Venice: eustatism and subsidence
Booklets   10 / 2017
New species in the Adriatic Sea: what to do, how to recognize them
A notebook for artisanal and sport fishermen
Booklets   9 / 2016
Organotin compounds in the marine and lagoon environments
Booklets   8 / 2016
A FUTURE FOR THE NORTHERN ADRIATIC SEA FISHERIES. Results and proposals from the participatory research project GAP2 involving researchers and fishermen of Chioggia
Booklets   7 / 2015
Marine and costal protection strategies subsequent to an oil spill and/or hazardous and noxious substances (HNS)
Booklets   6 / 2014
Monitoring Ostreopsis ovata and Ostreopsis SPP.: Operational Protocols
Booklets   5 / 2013
2010: a memorable year: the exceptional growth of mean sea level in Venice and the Northern Adriatic Sea
Booklets   4 / 2012
The submerged structures for the restocking and fishing ("artificial barriers")
Booklets   3 / 2012
From fishing to farming of Manila clam in Venice lagoon: spat culture nursery techniques
Booklets   2 / 2011
The beach-dune system of Pelosa (Stintino)
Booklets   1 / 2010
Sustainable use of renewable resources and impact of human activities in the Lagoon of Venice and the upper Adriatic
Handbooks and guidelines   2009
Environmental aspects of relict sand dredging for beach nourishment: proposal for a monitoring protocol
Booklets   5 / 2006
Fishing and the environment in the Venice Lagoon and in the northern Adriatic
Booklets   2004
Survey on lagoon environment of use of hydraulic dredge
Booklets   1994