Contribution to the knowledge of chemical elements determined in fungi

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Collection of the historical series on the magazine "Il Fungo". FromCortinuarius praestans (Cordier) Gillet to Russula cyanoxantha (Schaeff) Fr.

Contribution to the knowledge of chemical elements determined in fungi

This Manual is the third of four volumes dedicated to the knowledge of chemical elements found in fungi. It contains 15 historical records, from Cortinarius praestans (Cordier) Gillet to Russula cyanoxantha (Schaeff.) Fr., published in the editorial "Mushrooms, Metals and Radioactivity" of the journal "Il Fungo", edited by the Gruppo Micologico e Naturalistico “Renzo Franchi” di Reggio Emilia – AMB from 1997.

Each record analyzes a species or group of neighbour species, reporting the contents of chemical elements and radioactive isotopes found in fungi collected in Emilia Romagna and/or in other Italian Regions.

The experimental data obtained are reported in tabular form and contain the values of specific elements found in the examined macromycetes. The studies reported are based on the hypothesis that fungi can be used as effective bioindicators of environmental contamination. In addition, the authors' aims are to identify the pathway of contamination of trophic nets through the concentrations of chemical elements in fungi, radioactive or not, and the consequent impact on terrestrial ecosystems, without neglecting the effects on human health when soil components are used in feeding.

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