Technical and operational criteria and guidelines for inspections in plants at risk of a major accidents

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This report is based on the results of the activities of study and research on inspections of the Safety Management Systems in major-accident hazards establishments, carried out by ISPRA during scientific and technical activities, the inspections required by the Ministry of Environment and the activities of experience sharing with other UE members (in the framework del Technical Working Group 2 and Mutual Joint Visit program).
Its aim is the harmonization of inspections all over the country, providing inspectors in major-accident  hazards establishments with:
- updated technical elements;
- technical and operational criteria for improving both the effectiveness and efficiency during  inspections, to assure compliance with the regulations and the guidelines issued by the Competent Authorities.
By this report  the Authors (an ad-hoc Technical Working Group of ISPRA and regional protection environmental Agencies inspectors), want  to offer an operational and dynamic support  tool, which  will be periodically updated according to the regulatory development, the advancement of knowledge and technology on the issue and the improvement of experience of the inspectors of public authorities on the implementation of the "Seveso" Directive.

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