IDRAIM - System for stream hydromorphological assessment, analysis, and monitoring

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IDRAIM - System for stream hydromorphological assessment, analysis, and monitoring

This Handbook encompasses the definition of the procedures and methods of the “System for stream hydromorphological assessment, analysis, and monitoring” named IDRAIM. This system is a comprehensive methodological framework for the analysis, post-monitoring evaluation and for the design and implementation of the programme of restoration and mitigation measures envisaged by both WFD and by the Flood Directive 2007/60/CE. Because IDRAIM takes into account both the objectives of environmental quality and mitigation of flood risk (induced by fluvial dynamics) it can therefore be considered as a methodological system to support decisions on river management.

The framework includes the following four phases: (1) catchment-wide characterization of the fluvial system; (2) evolutionary trajectory reconstruction and assessment of current river conditions; (3) description of future trends of channel evolution; (4) identification of management options. The framework provides specific consideration of the temporal context, in terms of reconstructing the trajectory of past channel evolution as a basis for interpreting present river conditions and future trends. A series of specific tools have been developed for the assessment of river conditions, in terms of morphological quality and channel dynamics. These include: the Morphological Quality Index (MQI), the Morphological Dynamics Index (MDI), the Event Dynamics Classification (EDC), and the morphological river dynamics corridors (MDC, EDCo).

The monitoring of morphological parameters and indicators, as well as the assessment of future scenarios of channel evolution provide additional knowledge for the identification, planning and prioritization of actions for enhancing morphological quality and/or risk mitigation.

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