Manual for fire and ATEX risk assessment in environmental agencies

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Manual for fire and ATEX risk assessment in environmental agencies

The present document has been produced  by the inter-agencies center “Workplace Health and Safety ”. In particular it has been completed by the group “Fire and ATEX Risk”, comprising ISPRA, ARPA Marche (leader), ARPA Campania, ARPA Emilia Romagna, ARPA Piemonte and ARPA Puglia.

The objective of the guide is to present an approach, which should be shared by all environmental agencies, to assess and tackle common fire safety  issues in workplaces;  the procedures presented in the present document are mostly concerned with  i) worker’s safety ii) compliance with current health and safety legislation

This manual is by far not comprehensive and exhaustive, and it is by no means intended as a  replacement of the appropriate official sources; it is however a practical, user friendly guide, proposing  a flexible approach,  which can be adapted  to tackle different agency-specific problems that could emerge in several different contexts.

The present document  is mostly aimed at people working within Agencies for the assessment of  fire and explosion risk: prevention and safety services,  and Agencies for maintenance  and  emergency management.


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