Publications of the Agency System

Document Actions
Framework of regional regulations concerning sea, roles and activities of environmental agencies and critical issues in sea applications
Reports   258 / 2017
Guidelines for the determination of the natural background values of the groundwater bodies
Handbooks and guidelines   155 / 2017
POLLnet - Aerobiological monitoring guidelines
Handbooks and guidelines   151 / 2017
Guidelines to identify environmental characteritstics and problems to support assessment and preparation of the sea documents
Handbooks and guidelines   148 / 2017
Towards a common core set of indicators of the National System for Environmental Protection
Methodology, analysis and survey outputs of all environmental indicators used in the SNPA to describe the state of the environment
Handbooks and guidelines   147 / 2017
Criteria for the development of diffuse pollution management plans
Handbooks and guidelines   146 / 2017
Soil Consumption, territorial dimanic and ecosystem services - Edition 2016
Reports   248 / 2016
Benefits and incentives at local level for EMAS and EU Ecolabel implementation. Analysis of the state of the art, evaluation of effectiveness and best practices
Reports   236 / 2016
Operating Instructions for the management of accidents and near-accidents in the National System Network for Environmental Protection
Handbooks and guidelines   139 / 2016
Guidelines for the report on air quality: target definition, tools and core set indicators for the production of report on air quality
Handbooks and guidelines   137 / 2016
Guidelines for the system report on the state of the environment
Federal Council Approval 3/16/16. Doc. 64/16 CF
Handbooks and guidelines   135 / 2016
Guidelines on EMAS and EU Ecolabel for tourism
Handbooks and guidelines   134 / 2016
Guidelines for Integrated Environmental and Health Impact Assessment in environmental procedures (EIA, SEA, IEP)
Handbooks and guidelines   133 / 2016
Guidelines on information, assistance and controls to EMAS registered organizations or applying for
Federal Council Approval 3/11/15. Doc. 59/15 CF
Handbooks and guidelines   130 / 2016
State of the Environment   65 / 2016
Manual for asbestos risk assessment in environmental agencies
Handbooks and guidelines   125 / 2015
Practical guidance to assess and prepare SEA documents
Handbooks and guidelines   124 / 2015
Measurement procedure for the determination of total hydrocarbons in waters
Handbooks and guidelines   123 / 2015
Guidance to control activities in constructed wetlands plants
Handbooks and guidelines   120 / 2015
Manual for fire and ATEX risk assessment in environmental agencies
Handbooks and guidelines   115 / 2015