Italian Emission Inventory 1990-2015. Informative Inventory Report 2017

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 Italian Emission Inventory 1990-2015. Informative Inventory Report 2017

The document describes the annual communication of the national emission inventory of transboundary substances in the framework of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CRLTAP/UNECE) and relevant Protocols. Information on the Italian inventory up to the year 2014 is provided, including an explanation of methodologies, data sources, QA/QC activities and verification processes carried out during the inventory compilation, with an analysis of emission trends and a description of key categories. Aim of the document is to facilitate understanding of the calculation of the Italian air pollutant emission data, hence providing a common means for comparing the relative contribution of different emission sources and helping in the identification of reduction policies. To sum up, in the period 1990-2014, emissions from most pollutants described in this report show a downward trend. Reductions are especially relevant for the main pollutants (SOX -93%; NOX -62%; CO -67%; NMVOC -56%), as well as for lead (-94%) and dioxins (-44%).

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