Enviromental Data Yearbook 2009

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The 2009 Environmental Data Yearbook represents Italy’s most complete collection of environmental data and information.

The important activity of revising the core-set of indicators, initiated in the last edition,
was continued this year through the following procedures: validation of each indicator,
based on the objectives set by national, European and international laws and regulations
and by the corresponding reporting obligations and/or guidelines; assessment
of the indicator’s ability to represent the phenomenon being investigated; verification
of the availability of the data needed to populate the indicator; evaluation of the scientific
relevance and solidity of the indicator.

The data base allowed to realize different informative products, in order to make the information accessible to a wide range of users: public decision makers, researchers, stakeholders, private citizens. The 2009 Yearbook is made up of five products:


Key Topics – A version containing supplementary information on priority environmental
issues, subject to specific prevention and reclamation;
• Vademecum – A short version (pocket) of the assessments contained in the
preceding volume;
• Database (http://annuario.apat.it) –  A tool for on-line consultation of the indicator fact-sheets and the production
of reports;
• Multimedia – A tool for communicating the Yearbook data and information in a quick
and easily understandable way through film sequences and web applications.

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