Environmental radioactivity

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Italy currently does not produce energy through nuclear fission processes, and has no plans to build nuclear power plants. However in recent years the need is emerging for a new focus with regard to the protection of the environment, the population and those who work in areas exposed to radiation.There are different types of radiation: those of natural origin, like the light, and those of artificial origin, such as radio waves, which can not perceive but which can easily be detected by radio and television.

Natural and man-made radiation, also you can be divided into ionizing radiation (argument to these pages on the site) and non-ionizing radiation (electromagnetic fields produced by power lines, systems of tele-radio, light radiation).

Ionizing radiation : the ionizing radiation are particles and / or electromagnetic radiation resulting from the decay of nucleus of an atom, the radioactivity (natural or artificial origin)  and are able to produce the structure of the material which they interact with. In the case of biological tissues  this interaction can lead to cell damage. In most cases the damage is repaired by the normal defense mechanisms, but also it depends  to the extent and duration of exposure, sometimes the affected cells may be impaired, with consequences for the health of individuals exposed