Nuclear safety and radiation protection

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The current legislation assigns to the Nuclear, Technological and Industrial Risk Department of ISPRA the functions and duties of the regulatory authority in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection of nuclear facilities and of the activities involving the use of ionizing radiation sources.
These functions and duties are performed by the Nuclear, Technological and Industrial Risk Department of ISPRA since many years, first as the Directorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection of ENEA, than as ANPA, APAT, and from 2008 as ISPRA. They continue to be carried out by the same Department, pursuant to Legislative Decree 45/2014, until the completion of the establishment of the Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ISIN) envisaged by the same act.


The Nuclear Department’s regulatory  functions are related to nuclear facilities and installations using ionizing radiation sources, i.e.:

  • power plant and other nuclear facilities, presently in decommissioning,
  • research reactors,
  • installations using radiation sources in industrial, research or medical applications,
  • transport of radioactive materials,
  • radioactive waste management facilities.

Control activities are first carried out during the authorization process by  independent assessment of licence holders submissions and afterwards through inspections and general  oversight activities in the construction and operation phases, and in case of decommissioning, during the implementation of the related operations.
In the licensing phase the Nuclear, Technological and Industrial Risk Department issues its binding technical advice based upon its own assessments also establishing conditions and specifications, transmitting it to the competent licensing authority (i.e. Ministry of Economic Development). In the frame of the existing authorization procedures the Nuclear, Technological and Industrial Risk Department is likewise called to issue itself specific approvals relating to the detailed technical projects and operational plans.
During construction and operation phases surveillance is carried out by ISPRA inspectors who are entitled with  the authority to request any information they deem relevant to ascertain the compliance with legislative provisions and the licence conditions. ISPRA inspectors are also entitled to report any violation to the public attorney of the jurisdiction the nuclear installation belongs to.