Physical agents

Document Actions

ISPRA develops and coordinates projects and activities regarding environmental topics about noise, vibrations and electromagnetic  radiations (electromagnetic fields, light pollution and ultraviolet radiation).

Above all, ISPRA is in charge for the following activities :

  • monitoring and control of these sources on behalf of the National Administrations, the Italian Magistrature  or in support of the Regional and Provincial Agencies for Environmental Protection,  with the use of our laboratories (fixed and mobile);
  • support to the Ministry of Environment for the preparation of guidelines and technical standards and answers to parliamentary questions;
  • management of  EMC Observatory, Noise Observatory and the National electromagnetic  cadastre(CEN);
  • development of indicators for the Environmental Data Yearbook;
  • training for the works of the sector and the Environmental Agency System.

The site Physical Agents of ISPRA publishes technical and scientific documentation, regulatory and legislative information addressing these activities.