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Environmental Data Year BookMar 19, 2019Environmental Data Year Book

Rome, 19 march

Today ISPRA presents at the Italian Chamber of Deputies the Environmental Data Yearbook 2018, result of complex and articulated research that includes multiple phases: from the systematic collection of primary data to monitoring and control, from the assessment of scientific solidity of information to the development of statistical indicators that are increasingly effective to describe the country's environmental conditions.This work is carried out by the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) in collaboration with the regional environmental protection agencies and the autonomous provinces within the National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA), established two years ago with Law 132 of 28 June 2016

The environmental data year book, with a core-set of 306 indicators  for a total amount of 150.000 data updated, it’s not a “data-base”, a simply informative system, but a useful and completed tool of knowledge for citizens, experts and decision-makers. This edition also contains the “Date on Environment” report, with a selections and synthesis of the thematics and environmental indicators in compliance with the targets of the VII Program of Environmental Action of EEA; the "Data Yearbook in numbers", that is a summary of the Data year book (integral version) for a general public, and finally the: "Recapitulate the environment: Environmental Data Yearbook"


Signed memorandum of understanding between Ecomafie commission and SNPAMar 18, 2019Signed memorandum of understanding between Ecomafie commission and SNPA
This morning the President ISPRA and SNPA, Stefano Laporta, and the President of the Parliamentary Commission on Ecomafie, Stefano Vignaroli, signed a memorandum of understanding for information exchange and cooperation for a better environmental protection


Food wastage: a systemic approach for structural prevention and reductionFeb 05, 2019Food wastage: a systemic approach for structural prevention and reduction
The reduction of food losses and waste are considered by the United Nations and many other international institutions as one of the fundamental ways to proceed for the protection of the environment and towards the human wellbeing.The report comes to a proposal of systemic definition and highlights the critical extent and effects of food wastage, by providing extensive data and information on the magnitude of the phenomenon and the extent of environmental effects, at national, European and global scale


The climate can't wait: SNPA adheres at the global strike for futureMar 15, 2019The climate can't wait: SNPA adheres at the global strike for future

The National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA), together with other research organizations and environmental associations, adheres to the Global Strike for Future, a great event to raise global awareness of climate change, making available  data, information and activities that System is carrying out to combat climate change.

Stefano Laporta, SNPA president, has also declared: "We as a System are committed every day to protect the environment and citizens, all of us in the National System for Environmental Protection feel deeply involved in this great climate initiative, which starts with young people to fight for the future of the planet. We also join the appeal of Italian President Mattarella, who only few days ago attended our National SNPA Conference in Rome, that has just given a further signal of attention to the environmental challenge in Italy and in the world. The climatic urgency is in front our eyes: in Italy the 2018 was the warmest year in the last two centuries, extreme weather events are increasing, while the drought situation of rivers and lakes is increasing. All this issues has an impact on people's daily lives. Our contribution as SNPA is to constantly monitoring what is happening in the territory, study the phenomena and to support to define mitigation strategies and adaptation to climate change in progress. This is why we want to reiterate the message sent by the young people: the climate change cannot wait!"



Discovering Posidonia oceanica - Video comic Life SepossoFeb 20, 2019Discovering Posidonia oceanica - Video comic Life Seposso
Posi and Donia become a video cartoon! The educational story "Discovering the Posidonia oceanica grass" has been transformed into a video-comic, previewed as part of the "Terra di China" . The meeting between comics and science is an incisive formula to look for new forms of communication to raise awareness on environmental protection. The comic book was produced as part of the LIFE SEPOSSO Project.


INDICIT Spot ProjectAug 07, 2018INDICIT Spot Project

The European project INDICT  uses Caretta caretta sea turtles as indicators of the impact of plastics on Mediterranean animals. The Carette caretta are widely spread in various habitats and have the characteristic of ingesting marine litter. Also ISPRA, INDICIT project includes international partners from Greece, Spain, the Canary Islands, the Azores, France, Tunisia and Turkey.

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Environmental Data Year Book
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