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Meeting to present the " National network of Mining Parks and Museum"Mar 14, 2017Meeting to present the " National network of Mining Parks and Museum"

Next 24 and 25 March 2017 at the Biblioteca Malatestiana di Cesena there will be the national meeting to present the "National network of Mineral Parks and Museum". The meeting will be held in conjunction with the thirtieth edition of the "Society for Research and Study Romagna Mining", that manages the Village Mining of Formignano, in cooperation with the Park of the sulfur mines of the Marches and the Sulphur of Perticara museum under the patronage of the "week of the good life". The event is also an opportunity to present the documentary "Memories and Mining of Sardegna", the second product of the documentary produced by Ispra TV, dedicated to the history, culture and development of mining sites in the Geo-mining historical and environmental Park of Sardegna.


Mar 13, 2017IFFI Project - Inventory of Landslide Phenomena in Italy

The IFFI project (Inventory of Landslide Phenomena in Italy), carried out by ISPRA and the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, supplies a detailed picture of the distribution of landslide phenomena within Italy. As of today the inventory has recorded to date 614 799 landslides affecting an area of about 23,000 km2, or 7.5% of the national territory. The data is updated 2015 for Calabria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Sicily, Tuscany, Valle d'Aosta and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano; 2014 to Liguria, Emilia-Romagna and Basilicata. For the remaining regions the data is updated to 2007.


Nuclear safety

Feb 09, 2017Explosion at the nuclear power station of Flamanville, France
On the 9th of February, around 10:15 am, at the French Flamanville nuclear power plant, an explosion followed by a fire occurred inside the turbine hall of the Unit 1.At the Flamanville nuclear station, sited in Normandy, two nuclear power reactors (pressurized water reactor type, PWR) are operational and a third reactor is under construction.After the first press news, ISPRA immediately contacted the French nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), under the bilateral agreements in place for the rapid exchange of information in case of any event occurring at nuclear installations.


Mar 08, 2017Nominated ISPRA commissioner
Last 3 March with a Ministerial Decree of the Minister of Environment, Land and Sea, Gian Luca Galletti, nominated Bernardo De Bernardinis, outgoing president since last February 28, as a Commissioner of ISPRA for six months, to ensure continuity in all the activities and institutional tasks of the Institute as well as those that the National System for the environmental protection (SNPA).


Environmental sustainability of the use of pesticides. The Po River basinFeb 15, 2017Environmental sustainability of the use of pesticides. The Po River basin
The report presents a study of the contamination of the Po basin, the most important in Italy both for its size and for the intense human activity. The considerable amount of data arising from an extensive monitoring network (developed as part of the national monitoring coordinated by ISPRA involving the Regions and ARPA/APPA) allows to study pesticide contamination and its evolution since 2003. The study focused on residual contamination of pesticides banned for several years (atrazine, simazine, alachlor). This allowed to investigate aspects related to chemical pollution sustainability and in particular to the capacity to respond to anthropogenic stresses, comparing the contamination data with the legal limits.

Earthquake in Central Italy

Earthquakes in Central ItalyMar 23, 2017Earthquakes in Central Italy

With reference to the exceptional avalanche occurred in the municipality of Farindola, the DICOMAC (Command and Control Directorate of Civil Protection) established in Rieti has requested, through the interregional association AINEVA, experienced personnel in the rapid assessment of avalanche risk and related securing activities.

Five technical experts of the snow and avalanches offices the Alpine regions (ARPA Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy and Veneto) will provide the first support required; Arpa Piemonte organized a team of 2 experts who are ready to leave in case of need for strengthening or give shifts to the specialists group.



Ispra Events

Apr 04, 2017
Presentation of the report for the environmental controls SNPA-AIA-Seveso
Cesena, sala Biblioteca Malatestiana,
Mar 24, 2017
Meeting to present the " National network of Mining Parks and Museum"
Roma, Sala Marconi c/o CNR, P.le Aldo Moro 7,
Mar 22, 2017
Presentation day of SNPA core set indicators
Roma - Sala Auditorium Mattm,
Feb 22, 2017
II workshop: " Research and services. Polluted sites inside the National System for environmental protection"
Roma. Università Roma TRE - Aula Magna del Rettorato, via Ostiense 159,
Jan 20, 2017
Informative day for the Project EMODNET - Geology
Roma, Auditorium MATTM, Via C. Bavastro, 180,
Dec 20, 2016
Municipal Waste Report - Edition 2016
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