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Analytical determination of hydrocarbons in the environment: issues and   answers.Nov 26, 2014Analytical determination of hydrocarbons in the environment: issues and answers.

The Working Group ISPRA, ARPA / APPA, ISS, CNR-IRSA has completed the drafting of a new procedure for the determination of hydrocarbons in water. There is awareness about the necessity to assess the total hydrocarbons in this matrix to adequately respond to legislative requirements at national and European level. The work was set starting from the need to identify, according to internationally accepted standards, a unified method based on GC-FID measurements, after extraction through solvents suitable in all respects (analytical, environmental and safety aspects).


Municipal waste report 2014 - online the complete versionNov 18, 2014Municipal waste report 2014 - online the complete version
The Municipal Waste Report (sixteenth edition) is the result of a complex collection, analysis and processing of data by the Waste Service ISPRA, in accomplishment of a specific task institutional art. 189 of Legislative Decree no. No. 152/2006. Through an effective and comprehensive system of knowledge on waste, the report aims to provide an overview of information objective and accurate to support the law-maker in the theme of waste The Municipal Waste Report 2014 analyzes the data for year 2013 relating to the production, the separate collection and management of municipal waste and to the management system of packaging wast


Ideambiente nr. 2/2014Sep 24, 2014Ideambiente nr. 2/2014

In this number are reported the Marine Strategy, the Urban Waste report and the Data Year Book of ISPRA.


Nuclear security

Siting criteria of the national storage of radioactive waste Jun 04, 2014Siting criteria of the national storage of radioactive waste

The safe management of radioactive waste requires an appropriate solution and features of the site in which it is located a disposal facility for radioactive waste, together with those of the waste conditioning and installation of engineering structuresthat must guarantee the bordering andisolation of radionuclide from the biosphere in order to ensure the protection of people, environment and property .


Marine strategy

Marine StrategyAug 08, 2014Marine Strategy

Which monitoring program do you think is most suitable?

The public consultation for the adoption of the Italian marine strategy started last 9 June. On the web site is possible to respond to some questionsabout the adoption of the strategy and the development of monitoring programs.



The Concordia docked in the port of Genova Jul 26, 2014The Concordia docked in the port of Genova

Update of July 27,4 p.m

The operation of anchoring the  Concordia ship in the port of Prà was concluded. Because the ship is in security right now, the crisis unit was untied. The experts of ISPRA and ARPA Toscana, however, are still working with the samples of the water to ensure the absence of anomalous values ​​of the pollutants.

Roma, Sala UNICEF, Via Palestro, 68,
Dec 18, 2014 - Dec 18, 2014
X Report ISPRA "Quality of Urban Environment" - 2014 Edition
Roma - ISPRA, Sala Conferenze, Via V. Brancati 48 ,
Nov 26, 2014 - Nov 26, 2014
Analytical determination of hydrocarbons in the environment: issues and answers.
Roma, ISPRA - Sala Conferenze, Via V. Brancati 48 ,
Nov 25, 2014 - Nov 25, 2014
ISPRA CUG for the " International day for the elimination of violence against Women"
Rome, Villa Celimontana - Società Geografica Italiana onlus Palazzetto Mattei,
Nov 21, 2014 - Nov 21, 2014
National tree day 2014. The tree: its history, our history.
Livorno, Fondazione Livorno Euro Mediterranea (L.E.M.) - Piazza del Pamiglione, 1/2 ,
Nov 11, 2014 - Nov 13, 2014
Emergency environment: the ecotoxicology as a management tool. The research, monitoring by agencies and private world
Roccasinibalda (RI), Castel di Tora (RI), Carsoli (AQ),
Oct 18, 2014 - Oct 18, 2014
Excursion: The Lake Turano and the High Dam. A geological and naturalistic tour along the way turanense between Lazio and Abruzzo
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