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Second day of Geology and History - disappeared Italian lakes, sacred sources and extinct thermal areas
Geology and History - Natural events and geohistorical researchOct 02, 2019 12:00 AMRoma, Società Geografica Italiana, Villa Celimontana,
Report on Non-Municipal Waste - edition 2019

The Report on Non-Municipal Waste, now at its eighteenth edition, is the result of a complex activity of collection, analysis and processing of data by the National Centre for Waste Circular Economy of ISPRA, with the contribution of regional and provincial Environmental Protection Agencies,  that implements a specific task required by article 189, d.lgs. n. 152 of 3th April 2006.

Through an effective and comprehensive system of knowledge on waste, it will provide an objective, accurate and up to date framework of information, in support of the legislator to guide appropriate policies and to monitor their effectiveness, introducing, if necessary, corrective measures.

ISPRA environmental education initiatives for schools: results and scenariosJun 19, 2019 12:00 AMRome, Ispra headquarter,

At the end of the 2018/2019 school year, the Institute will organize the seminar:"ISPRA environmental education initiatives for schools: results and scenarios" aims to be an opportunity to present the results of environmental education initiatives and projects that ISPRA provided to the schools for the second consecutive year. Thanks to the coordination of the Environmental Education and training area and the work of the Institute's technical-scientific units, ISPRA program has produced 9 projects adressed to 40 schools in Rome about different topics, from the protection of the marine environment to climate change, geological knowledge of Italian territory to the main issues related to urban environment

Workshop Project Sic2Sic - cycling through the Natura 2000 Network
16 projects school-work alternative in Ispra: students talk! from May 28, 2019 09:00 AM to May 29, 2019 01:30 PMRome, ISPRA headquarter,

Rome, 28-29 may

Final day: the results achieved

"16 projects of School-work alternative in ISPRA: students talk" is the title of the Conference that concludes the second year of the training courses about school-work that ISPRA, in cooperation with the schools, has developed and organized for the a. s. 2018/2019.

About 173 students were welcomed at the Institute, also in the office of Ozzano (Bologna) and Chioggia (Venice), for a total of about 700 hours of training and also in e-learning modality.

XI National Mining Day from May 25, 2019 12:00 AM to May 26, 2019 12:00 AMNational Territory,

The National Mining Day, promoted to spread the value and the cultural meaning of geological tourism, has achieved its eleventh edition this year, registering a growing interest on the entire national territory. The initiative, organized by REMI, ISPRA-SNPA, MISE, AIPAI, ANIM, ASSOMINERARIA and G&T under the patronage of the National Council of Geologists and EuroGeoSurveys includes the organization of specifci events throughout the national territory and the realization of a "National calendar" with all the initiatives promoted by the Sites / Museums and Mining Parks.

EMAS Italy award 2019May 24, 2019 from 09:30 AM to 01:15 PMAbano Terme (PD) presso Villa Bassi Rathgeb Via Appia Monterosso, 50-52,
Opening of the new Ispra headquarters in Livorno

On Friday 3 May,  the inauguration of the new ISPRA headquarters in Livorno will be held at the "Dogana d'Acqua" complex.

The event foresees a first moment of presentation of the technical-scientific activities by qualified representatives of the research  world and environmental agencies  and a second moment of institutional greetings and  a visit to  the following laboratories:ecotoxicology laboratory for marine and coastal water and sediments; contamination laboratory for aquatic environments and bioaccumulation:physical pre-treatment of marine-coastal sediments and experimental treatments laboratory scale and pilot scale.

Press release: the undersecretary for the environment, Salvatore Micillo, together with the president ISPRA and SNPA Stefano Laporta, launches the #iosonomare campaign Apr 11, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AMRome, Press room Chamber of Deputies - Via della Missione, 4,
Workshop: "Evaluation of physical effects related to sediment handling in marine-coastal areas: tools and methodologies of approach"

Livorno, 10 aprile

Sediment handling operations in marine-coastal areas can alter the natural chemical, physical and biological ecosystem balance. Mathematical models support the quantification of potential environmental effects, in the various phases of planning and management of operations, to evaluate project choices and plan monitoring. The project Se.D.Ri.Port. aims to share procedures and strategies across borders and is financed by the Interreg Program of cooperation between Italy and Maritime France 2014-2020. Starting from current regulations and best practices, ISPRA and ARPAL share methodological principles with the aim of creating operational tools to address the issue of dredging and sediment management through the implementation of models. Specific insights are aimed at optimizing the monitoring networks in harbour areas

Home Work & PrivacyMar 19, 2019 from 10:30 AM to 01:00 PMRome, Università Roma Tre,

Sustainable mobility and data protection of people

Environmental Data Year Book

Rome, 19 march

Today ISPRA presents at the Italian Chamber of Deputies the Environmental Data Yearbook 2018, result of complex and articulated research that includes multiple phases: from the systematic collection of primary data to monitoring and control, from the assessment of scientific solidity of information to the development of statistical indicators that are increasingly effective to describe the country's environmental conditions.This work is carried out by the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) in collaboration with the regional environmental protection agencies and the autonomous provinces within the National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA), established two years ago with Law 132 of 28 June 2016

The environmental data year book, with a core-set of 306 indicators  for a total amount of 150.000 data updated, it’s not a “data-base”, a simply informative system, but a useful and completed tool of knowledge for citizens, experts and decision-makers. This edition also contains the “Date on Environment” report, with a selections and synthesis of the thematics and environmental indicators in compliance with the targets of the VII Program of Environmental Action of EEA; the "Data Yearbook in numbers", that is a summary of the Data year book (integral version) for a general public, and finally the: "Recapitulate the environment: Environmental Data Yearbook"

Workshop: "4 Regions, 40 stages: the LIFE Sic2Sic project tell the experience of the Tour first year"
Geological Survey of Italy Portal: data for the expertsFeb 18, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 04:30 PMRome, Sala Convegni del CNR, P. le A. Moro, 7,

The workshop Geological Survey of Italy Portal: data for the experts", organized by ISPRA together with the National Council of Geologists and the Order of Geologists of Lazio, will be held on 18 February in Rome at the CNR Conference Hall .
During the workshop the new Geological Service Portal will be presented, completely renewed and expanded in content.
The event will be a moment of confrontation between ISPRA and experts to ensure a more efficient and correct use of geological data. The technical session provides for the in-depth analysis of some databases that are particularly used by the professional geologist, geological mapping, landslides, capable faults, surveys, soil defense interventions, etc

School-Job alternative - 16 projects in ISPRA from Jan 29, 2019 09:00 AM to Jan 30, 2019 12:30 PMRome, sede ISPRA, Via V. Brancati, 48,

Rome, 29-30 January

ISPRA is continuing the training cycle on School-Job alternative that the Institute has developed in cooperation with different italian schools.During the two days of the Conference of 29 and 30 January  will be presented 14 training project, which this year are activated ex-novo and which focus on various environmental issues: from electrosmog to environmental matrices, from Citizen Science to the study of the marine environment. coastal. A total of 173 students will be welcomed at the Ispra's headquarter of Rome, Ozzano (Bologna) and Chioggia (Venice), for a total of 700 hours of training

The environmental education in the National System for Environmental Protection

Ispra and environmental agencies have long been involved in the production of knowledge, correct information and in playing a fundamental role in supporting administrations in sustainability actions and also with also an educational role: helping citizens to understand and act in a manner responsible. In this context, on 16 and 17 January 2019 in Rome, SNPA, through the Referents Network and the WG of Environmental Education and Sustainability Strategy, will present its strategy and actions for environmental education in a two-day confrontation and dialogue with other important stakeholders. In particular, a round table will be held on January 16, to be attended by representatives of the main national educational networks.

Presentation of the XIV Report on the Urban Environment Quality Edition 2018 and the innovative SNPA experiences for the quality of the urban environment

Rome, 19 december

The Report on the urban environment quality has reached the XIV edition. Produced by National System for Environmental - SNPA, it has consolidated over the years as a reference for experts and users. The 2018 edition  updates for 120 Italian cities, including the 14 metropolitan cities, a set of key indicators for the analysis of the environmental quality of cities and for the assessment of the life quality of Italian urban areas. Many topics o dealt with the urban and metropolitan contexts: social and economic factors, soil and territory, green infrastructures, water, air pollution and climate change, industrial activities, transport and mobility, exposure to electromagnetic and acoustic pollution, actions and tools for local sustainability.

Territory. Process and trasformation in Italy
Towards the circular economy: municipal waste report 2018

Rome, 10 december

ISPRA has presented today  at the Auletta of the Parliamentary Groups, via di Campo Marzio, 78 - Rome, the Municipal Waste Report - Edition 2018. The Conference was introduced by the Undersecretary of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea hon. Salvatore Micillo, the President of the Parliamentary Commission on illegal activities related to the waste cycle, Hon. Stefano Vignaroli and the President of  ISPRA and SNPA, dr. Stefano Laporta. The results of the Report was presented by the Director of the National Center for Waste Cycle of ISPRA, Rosanna Laraia. The conclusions will be entrusted by Alessandro Bratti, ISPRA General Director.