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Soil consumption in ItalyJun 22, 2017Soil consumption in Italy

Roma, 26 June

Presentation SNPA Report 2017

The edition 2017 of the soil consumpion in Italy, 4th edition and first since it was established the National System Environmental Protection (SNPA), which has also the istitutional tasks to carry out monitoring activities concernig soil, and to provide an updated frame of italian territory.


Italian Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2015. National Inventory Report 2017Jun 14, 2017Italian Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2015. National Inventory Report 2017
This document summarizes the official Italian submission of the greenhouse gas inventory in the framework of the United Nation Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Kyoto Protocol, and the European Union’s Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Mechanism. In addition to the compilation of the inventory according to the required formats, each Party to the Convention shall submit a report, the National Inventory Report, with a description of the methodologies, the sources of basic data and emission factors used to carry out emission estimates, as well as an explanation of the Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures applied to the inventory.

Nuclear safety

May 24, 2017Main Conclusions of the Commission’s Article 35 verification ITREC plant
The European Commission has recently issued a report on the verification mission under Article 35 of the Euratom Treaty, carried out in Italy at the ITREC plant in Rotondella (MT) , December 2015, and sent to the Italian Authority through the Permanent Representation at the European Union.

Earthquake in Central Italy

Earthquakes in Central ItalyApr 04, 2017Earthquakes in Central Italy

ISPRA is part of the Operative Commitee of Civil Protecion Department and the Agency experts have been partecipating since 24 August at the acitivities of the Commitee ; it has also supported during this time the DICOMAC (Command and Control Directorate of Civil Protection) established in Rieti.



Ideambiente nr. 2/2017Mar 31, 2017Ideambiente nr. 2/2017
Main topic of this new number of Ideambiente is the communication: scientific, environmental and emergency. It is analyzed the language, contents and weak points concerning various media, hosting prestigious professional contributions. There is also space to SNPA, the usual columns, Collage of Articles and news from Research world.
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Jul 04, 2017
Soil consumption in Italy and Europe - Soil day
Rome, Palazzo Montecitorio,
Jun 26, 2017
Soil consumption in Italy
Roma. Università La Sapienza - Dipartimento Chimica e Tecnologie del Farmaco, edificio CU19,
Jun 26, 2017
REACHERCA. Innovation in REACH: dialogue between Research and Business
Roma, Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio,
May 29, 2017
Soil management: new tools for territorial planning
Verona - Veronafiere,
May 24, 2017
EU Ecolabel National Awards Italy 2017
Parma, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA),
May 04, 2017
EMAS ITALY 2017 Award
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