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Presentation "Special Waste Report" edition 2016Jun 23, 2016Presentation "Special Waste Report" edition 2016

The Report on Special Waste, now in its fifteenth edition, is the result of a complex collection, analysis and processing of data by the Waste Service of ISPRA which implements a specific task required by  article 189, d.lgs. n. 152 of 3th April 2006.

Through an effective and comprehensive body of knowledge on waste, it will provide a framework of objective information, accurate and up to date in support of the legislator to guide appropriate policies and to monitor their effectiveness, introducing, if necessary, corrective measures.

The Report on Special Waste - provides data related to 2014, about generation and management of non-hazardous and hazardous waste, at national, regional and provincial levels; the Report contains information on the transboundary shipment of waste.


Best Practices and environmental indicators in the Italian wine companies EMAS registeredJun 30, 2016Best Practices and environmental indicators in the Italian wine companies EMAS registered

The work done in this project is based on the comparison between the environmental performances of the italian organizations that have an EMAS registration and the results of the research recorded in the SDR (Sectorial Reference Documents) which follows the article 46 of the EMAS Regulation. Specifically, the comparison is between the Food and Beverage Manufactoring Sector and the Environmental Declarations of the italian vineyards that have a valid EMAS registration.



Approved by Chamber of Deputy  the law for the institution of the SNPA National System for Environmental Protection Jun 15, 2016Approved by Chamber of Deputy the law for the institution of the SNPA National System for Environmental Protection

After 3 years of its parliament iter , the Chamber of Deputies  has approved (with 354 votes in favor  and 15 abstentions)  today definitively the Law that establishes  the National System for Environmental Protection and the ISPRA discipline. The system will ensure consistency and effectiveness of the activities concerning  public control of the environmental quality in Italy, to support environmental sustainability policies, qualifying SNPA as the official source regarding  information, monitoring, analysis and environmental assessment. The Law also establishes the essential levels of technical environmental performance (Lepta).

SNPA press release (ita)



Ideambiente n. 2/2016 May 12, 2016Ideambiente n. 2/2016
The new issue of Ideambiente is online. In the foreground, the recent discharge of hydrocarbons from a pipeline of Genoa and the next new incident that involved Torrente Polcevera. The management of the two emergencies required the contribution of various subjects including the Institute. The articles are also accompanied by a photo gallery. The new issue of the magazine makes the point on the Piano Lupo (Plan wolf) of MATTM, in these days at the center of controversy, with an interview with Luigi Boitani, as well as on the health of our cities, considered from different points of view: urban green, giving attention to the urban gardens, air pollution, the relationship between environment and tourism, the consequences of climate changes, dangers from heat and Zika virus. In conclusion, several articles on the environment and science and the usual thematic sections.

Linked Open data

Mar 25, 2016Linked Open data

The pilot project " Linked ISPRA" foresees the transformation of four data sets in Linked Open Data. The data chosen for the publication in LOD format concerns the data in "real time" collected by the ISPRA monitoring networks related to high tide, wave associated with meteorological data, soil consmuption  and finally data regarding the government public actions for soil conservation.


Nuclear security

Apr 15, 2016Periodic meeting of WENRA
On 13 and 14 April 2016 was held at the headquarters of the IAEA (International Energy Agency atonic), within the Conference on the effectiveness of regulatory systems in the nuclear field, the semi-annual meeting of WENRA (Western European nuclear Regulators association), the association of the authorities for nuclear safety, which works to promote the continuous improvement of safety and harmonization at European level of criteria relating both to operative nuclear installations and to those in decommissioning, as well as the management of radioactive waste.
Ispra Events
Nov 22, 2016 - Nov 24, 2016
7th Biannual ECOtoxicology MEeting (BECOME 2016) Managing aquatic and terrestrial environments: an ecotoxicological perspective
Rome, ISPRA, Sala Conferenze di Via Brancati 48,
Jul 14, 2016 - Jul 15, 2016
ISPRA Training course "Statistical analysis of bioindication data"
Bari, Palace Hotel, Via Francesco Lombardi 13,
Jul 14, 2016
Infoday: Balmas project
Roma, Casa dell’Architettura, Piazza M. Fanti, 47,
Jul 13, 2016
A day for the soil
Rome, MATTM - Sala Auditorium,
Jul 06, 2016
Presentation "Special Waste Report" edition 2016
Rome, ISPRA, via V. Brancati, 4,
Jun 21, 2016
Second working-meeting for the Project IMPEL : "Mapping the regulatory toolkit"
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