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Soil management: new tools for territorial planningMay 25, 2017Soil management: new tools for territorial planning

ISPRA and Roma Capitale will present the results of the assessment about the negative effects of soil consumption concerning last years and the one resulting from the full implementation of the current Regulatory Plan.

Using defined models in the whole of the Project LIFE+ SAM4CP, leaded by Torino Città Metropolitana, it is presented a mapping and quantification of ecosystem services lost that an artificially covered soil is no able to guarantee anymore, such as storage and carbon sequestration, habitat quality, agricultural production, control and regulation of natural cycles, pollination, microclimate regulation.

Sustainable development

Contest "Making Global Goals Local Practice"May 03, 2017Contest "Making Global Goals Local Practice"
Good practices at local level to achieve UN SS 2030 target
ISPRA, through the GELSO project promotes a Contest to collect good practices to enforce at local level the target of Suistainable Development for the environment, with the aim to support the translation of the UN SS 2030 target in operative choice at local level and to support the strategies and actions of the different actors.


POLLnet - Aerobiological monitoring guidelinesMay 15, 2017POLLnet - Aerobiological monitoring guidelines
The aerobiological monitoring guidelines are the document defining the organization, management and functioning of the SNPA aerobiological monitoring network called POLLnet. It describes the tasks and roles of ISPRA and Environmental Agencies, the method of sampling and counting of pollen granules and fungal spores, the website and the data management program, other communication and information activities, the staff training and the procedures of comparing between laboratories.

Earthquake in Central Italy

Earthquakes in Central ItalyApr 04, 2017Earthquakes in Central Italy

ISPRA is part of the Operative Commitee of Civil Protecion Department and the Agency experts have been partecipating since 24 August at the acitivities of the Commitee ; it has also supported during this time the DICOMAC (Command and Control Directorate of Civil Protection) established in Rieti.



Ideambiente nr. 2/2017Mar 31, 2017Ideambiente nr. 2/2017
Main topic of this new number of Ideambiente is the communication: scientific, environmental and emergency. It is analyzed the language, contents and weak points concerning various media, hosting prestigious professional contributions. There is also space to SNPA, the usual columns, Collage of Articles and news from Research world.
Ispra Events
Roma. Università La Sapienza - Dipartimento Chimica e Tecnologie del Farmaco, edificio CU19,
Jun 26, 2017
REACHERCA. Innovation in REACH: dialogue between Research and Business
Roma, Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio,
May 29, 2017
Soil management: new tools for territorial planning
Verona - Veronafiere,
May 24, 2017
EU Ecolabel National Awards Italy 2017
Parma, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA),
May 04, 2017
EMAS ITALY 2017 Award

Apr 04, 2017
Presentation of the report for the environmental controls SNPA-AIA-Seveso
Cesena, sala Biblioteca Malatestiana,
Mar 24, 2017
Meeting to present the " National network of Mining Parks and Museum"
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