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Municipal Waste Report - edition 2017Oct 20, 2017Municipal Waste Report - edition 2017

The Edition 2017 of the Municipal Waste Report provides data (reference year 2016) concerning municipal waste generation, separate collection and management at national, regional and provincial level as well as data on import/export of municipal waste


Guidelines on the Green Public Procurement (GPP) of the National System for Environmental ProtectionOct 12, 2017Guidelines on the Green Public Procurement (GPP) of the National System for Environmental Protection
The Guidelines provide an operative model of internal organization of Public administrations aimed at the systematic introduction of environmental aspects in the purchase process, in compliance with the regulatory obligation and to achieve, possibly, goals that go beyond the obligation imposed by the legislation.


The project aims at networking representative MPAs, scientific organizations and environmental NGOs for developing, testing and applying efficient, easy to apply and cost-effective protocols to monitor and manage litter impact on biodiversity.

Nuclear safety

Oct 12, 2017Detection of radioactive contamination in air samples with concentrations below radiological concern
On October 2nd ISPRA has been notified by the Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Lombardia Region about the detection of traces of Ruthenium-106 (about 3 milliBq/m3) in air samples collected in Milan and Bergamo. No other artificial radionuclides have been detected. Ruthenium -106 is a radioisotope with a decay time of 373,6 days used in medical applications. As result of these notification ISPRA has informed all the laboratories of the national network for the monitoring of the environmental radioactivity requesting to report about any detected abnormal value.


Ideambiente n. 4/2017Oct 16, 2017Ideambiente n. 4/2017
The protagonists of the new issue of Ideambiente are the various environmental emergencies that characterized the recent summer. The focus is therefore addressed to the fires, the drought phenomenon, the climate change, with an eye also to the effects on the environment and the world of agricultural production.
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Rome, Auditorium MATTM, Via C. Bavastro, 180,
Oct 31, 2017
Municipal Waste Report - edition 2017

Oct 25, 2017 - Nov 30, 2017
Deep colors of the Mediterranean. Exhibition photo
Aosta - Biblioteca regionale “Bruno Salvadori”,
Oct 05, 2017
V meeting ReMi Network
Roma, Sala Conferenze ISPRA, Via V. Brancati, 48,
Sep 20, 2017
Sharing Mobility Management
Procida ( NA),
Jul 13, 2017 - Aug 20, 2017
Deep colors of the Mediterranean.Exhibition photo
Roma, Palazzo Montecitorio Via della Missione, 4,
Jul 05, 2017
Presentation of the law proposal : protection and promotion of dismantled mining sites and their historical, archaeological, landscaping and environmental heritage
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