Landslides in Italy. Special Report 2008

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Landslides in Italy. Special Report 2008

Lo Special Report 2008 costituisce la sintesi in lingua inglese del “Rapporto sulle frane in The Special Report 2008 is a summary of the “Rapporto sulle frane in Italia - Il Progetto IFFI: Metodologia, risultati e rapporti regionali” (“Report on landslides in Italy. IFFI Project. Methods, results and regional reports”), published as part of the series of APAT Reports in 2007.
It provides an up-to-date overview of the state of the art regarding landslides in Italy and gives details of the methodology and the results of the IFFI Project (Italian Landslide Inventory), which aims to identify and map the landslides in accordance with standardised and shared methods.

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